International Symposium on Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry (ISPMeC)



The Simpósio Internacional em Farmacologia e Química Medicinal or International Symposium on Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry (ISPMeC) in English was created by the Graduate Program in Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry as one of its internationalization, creating a biennial forum of discussion, in English, on topics related to basic science and science applied to new drugs design, discovery, and development foi criado pelo Programa de Pós-Graduação em Farmacologia e Química Medicinal como  uma de suas iniciativas de internacionalização, criando fórum bianual de discussão e atualização, cem porcento em língua inglesa, em tópicos relacionados as ciências básica e aplicada ao desenho, descoberta e desenvolvimento de novos fármacos.

1st ISPMeC:


ISPMeC first edition was organized by PPGFQM Faculty and it happened on november 17th, 2014. Many international specialists took part in the event, such as Professors David Thuston (King’s College of London) and Rob Leurs (Vrije Universty Amsterdam), alongside proeminent names of Brazilian Pharmacology, such as Professors Fernando de Queiroz Cunha (USP-RP) and Roberto Soares de Moura (IBRAG, UERJ), who was the first PPGFQM Coordinator.

PPGFQM 45th Anniversary


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2nd ISPMeC:

The Graduate Program in Pharmacology and  Medicinal Chemistry (PPGFQM) of UFRJ’s Institute of Biomedical Sciences celebrated in 2019, completed 45 years since its creation. The International Symposium on Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry second edition took place between december 2nd and 3rd, 2019, in a commemorative atmosphere. Among the participants of the event were researchers from Yale, Dundee, San Francisco e Florida Universities and from Antibe Therapeutics. The future of Graduation in Brazil was the theme of round table discussions in the event.


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