Scientific Dissemination

PPGFQM offers its graduate students - both master’s and doctor’s degree candidates - a 60-hour-long subject on Scientific Divulgation. This subject proposes that PPGFQM students prepare materials for presenting selected topics to Rio de Janeiro state public schools students. The objective is to show the importance of science, the diversity of areas it comprises, the role of scientists in society and to educate the students in a playful and creative way on topics tailored to their educational stages.



Science With No Fear at Álvaro Moreyra Municipal School

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Patricia Dias Fernandes

*Photos taken in 2017, 2018, and 2019 at Álvaro Moreyra Municipal School.




Math is in everything at Fiocruz

Learning, in a fun way, the role of robotics and math in Life Sciences using Lego.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Floriano Paes Silva Junior

*Photos taken in 2017 at Fiocruz.


 INCT-Inofar Contribution



For more information, download the material.

Other activities in scientific divulgation

  • Designing teaching material:  

    • Educational games and leaflets: "Food Pyramid" and "Science With No Fear" (Responsible: Professor Patrícia Dias)

    • Production of educational booklets: "Expositon to Breath Well", "Sunday with Science at Quinta da Boa Vista - SBPC (Responsibles: Professor Patrícia M. R. Silva and Professor Marco Aurélio Martins

  • Website with scientific and academic divulgation material, such as: slides used during classes, articles on pharmaceutical terminology, slides used in lectures at scientific events, tips on Statistics, e-books.


Responsible: Prof. Dr. François Noel


  • Managing Facebook page with scientific divulgation materials about pharmacology: 

Title: Pharmacology.

Target-audience: undergraduation and graduation students and non-specialized public.


Responsible: Prof. Dr. Cláudia Martins


  • Interview with Professor Dr. João Alfredo for the Oncobiology Graduate Program/IBqM-UFRJ Homepage.



  • One-day event: "Sunday with Science at Quinta da Boa Vista - SBPC" - (Exposition) To Breathe Well. Quinta da Boa Vista – Rio de Janeiro in 07/08/2019

Responsibles: Prof. Dr. Patrícia M. R. Silva e Prof. Dr. Marco Aurélio Martins

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Núbia Boechat